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Here at Horizon we strive to provide our customers with the tools to let technology work for them, our products and services are designed to allow any size of business use and benefit from technology and the information it provides.


Our public Wifi solution Horizon is helping businesses all over the UK provide a secure Wifi service to their customers that will also keep them safe, most importantly it captures information when the users log into the system. This information is then stored on our secure platform and can be utilised to send out offers promote your business.

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Social + provides our customers with a dedicated social media manager to help them build and maintain a presence on social media platforms, we offer several packages from SMO to a fully managed marketing and management solution.


Mail+ is the email marketing solution from Horizon, we can professionally design and send targeted emails to your customers to help generate extra business, many of our customers pair these packages with our Horizon Wifi solution sending offers and information using the captured data.